Group 6 Commanders Page

We are always looking for new people and ideas to help move the organization along.  If you would like to see the group do something, drop me a line.  But do not be surprised when I put you in charge!

Concentrate on recruiting for the fall.  It may not be the easiest thing to do, but as Lt David Coy found out, it can  produce results.  His unit in Van Wert was just about to fold, after some hard work, his flight is ready to be re-designated as a Squadron.  Bravo Zulu Lt Coy!

With the help from several people, I would like to see a communications exercise put on in Group 6.  Our problem is we have working repeaters in Wauseon, Lima, and Carey.  HF SSB radios in Wauseon, and Findlay.  And a smattering of VHF-FM radios though out the group.  Major
Flowers and Lt Col Keller are going to work on getting an exercise put together in which each unit will get to participate.